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Trigger Point Therapy

I was going to write an article on Trigger point work, but a friend and fellow Chiropractor wrote such a great article on Trigger point work that I figured I would steal it.  Well, like I said he is a friend so I figured I would ask his permission before stealing it.  He was graciousContinue Reading

A Different Approach To Migraines

Most approaches to dealing with migraines revolve around taking some sort of pill in the hopes of managing the often potential debilitating symptoms.  This article is about looking at migraines from a slightly different perspective.  Most people that have migraines have an early onset of symptoms that include, hallucinations, visual disturbances with halo effects aroundContinue Reading

Food as Medicine

On March 28th at 6:00pm I will be giving a lecture on Allergies & Inflammation as part of the “Food as Medicine” lecture series.  The talk will be held at the Newport Athletic Club.  Please feel free to email any questions to Reading

This year is the year I get in shape…….honest it will be!

Well I figured I would write my first article of the new year on my new website and make it about fitness, I know big surprise.  Every year for probably the last thousand years people have woken up on New Years day, declaring that this is the year that their going to lose the weight. Continue Reading