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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) 2nd Base Formula

Remove toxins from the body

Toxic chemicals are widely used in industry, food processing, and agriculture. These toxins find their way into our air, water and food supply. Exposures to these toxic subsatnces are not blatantly obvious to us and are hard to pinpoint as a cause for illness. Some toxins are naturally occurring chemicals that our body has a hard time breaking down. When thsese substances accumulate in our tissue cells they can cause cell mutation or cell death. These toxins can be harmless in very small quantities, but deadly in larger amounts.

Researchers and experts in environmental medicine tell us that it is not a questions of “if our bodies are burdened with toxic overload” but “how bad is it.” Common manifestations of cellular toxicity include: Headaches; fatigue; general joint and muscle pain; skin disorders like rashes and eczema; asthma; allergies and a number of other unwanted conditions.

Many toxins are neuro (brain) toxins like monosodium glutamate (MSG), Aspartame (brand names NutraSweet® and Equal®), fluoride and mercury. These toxic substances affect many brain functions such as memory, quick thinking and emotional state.

NET Homeopathic Remedies